What is VFX?

Defining the Term and Creating Impossible Worlds Animation is one big universe and VFX is another big universe! Visual effects (sometimes abbreviated VFX)  is a bit of a generic term that basically involves everything else (and includes animation) Have you seen the ad of MS Dhoni clicking a picture of a bag in a mall? […]

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What does a Multimedia Artist do?

What does a Multimedia Artist do? A multimedia animator creates animation and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other media. They create two- and three-dimensional models and animation. Although most multimedia artists are self-employed, some work directly for the motion picture and video industry. Multimedia animators typically do the following: Create graphics and […]

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Character design:

Bringing a character to life From anatomy to common physical poses, there are a few different considerations in the character design process. Anatomy It may sound like a given, but fully understanding human anatomy is a must for anyone wanting to create an accurate 3D model. (This is, of course, assuming the main character is […]

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